We realize that no one expects to have to deal with these issues at the start of a pregnancy. But if you are in this situation, we offer as much support as possible so that you are prepared for your baby’s delivery.

Our goal is to provide you with the best understanding of your diagnosis and prognosis during this stressful time.

We will send you home with information and references that you can review later, because we realize you need time to process the information. We are always available for you and welcome your follow-up questions.

What If You Have to Deliver in Dallas?

If your child has a major heart defect that will require delivery in Dallas and heart surgery as a newborn, we will coordinate all aspects of your delivery care. At that time, you’ll meet with a neonatologist, who will take care of your baby after delivery, as well as with your pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon.

For some of our patients who will need to deliver in Dallas, we may recommend that you spend the last few weeks of your pregnancy near our hospital. Our team can make recommendations for lodging. They will also arrange for you to tour the Medical City Dallas campus medical facilities where you will deliver your baby, and to meet the team of doctors who will care for your baby at the Medical City Children’s Hospital after delivery.