Our Dallas office has moved to 7777 Forest Lane, Building D, 11th Floor, Suite 1190

Fax: 972-566-5680

Fetal Care Center | Dallas

Fetal Care Center Dallas is dedicated to providing compassionate care for mothers experiencing high-risk pregnancies. Our team of experts is here to support families with the latest technology in maternal-fetal medicine, including ultrasound-guided procedures and open fetal surgery. Our team offers unparalleled fetal surgery outcomes, a comprehensive approach to maternal-fetal medicine and surgeries that are only available in a handful of centers worldwide. From diagnosis to delivery, we can help.

We engage with a variety of medical experts, including fetal cardiology and genetic counselors, to address any needs that you and your baby may have. Our group meets as often as needed to discuss your individual care and to share similar patient experiences and recent research. Our team of doctors practicing at this location includes:


7777 Forest Lane
Building D, 11th Floor, Suite 1190
Dallas, TX 75230


We are off of Park Central Drive and Forest Lane. Parking is available in the garage for Building D. The second floor has a skybridge to the main entrance of Building D. Elevators are off the main entrance.


Direct Phone: 972-566-5600
Direct Fax: 972-566-5680


Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

7777 Forest Lane
Building D, 11th Floor, Suite 1190
Dallas, TX 75230
Phone: 972-566-5600

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