Level II Ultrasound

Ultrasound, or sonogram, technology is the most commonly used imaging exam during pregnancy. It is a safe and effective way of screening and following a fetal condition using sound waves to produce images on a computer without the need for radiation. A level II ultrasound is a targeted, high-resolution ultrasound that can be done beginning in your second trimester of pregnancy to check your baby for some birth defects.

This non-invasive diagnostic test uses a probe placed over your uterus to obtain pictures of the fetus. The probe bounces sound waves off the fetus to create images which may aid in the detection of a fetal congenital anomaly.

Ultrasound technology also allows your fetal care team to evaluate the uterine environment, determine fluid levels, check your baby’s movements and heartbeat, and more. This test can be performed in conjunction with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), if necessary, to obtain different perspectives of the fetus.